I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting but my studies took me away from this toward philosophy and arthouse filmmaking. Although I still produced artworks, I never imagined my ‘frivolous’ doodling and finger painting could be anything more than my creative pressure valve. As technology progressed, like most artists and illustrators, it was only natural for me to migrate my focus from paper and canvas to the digital platform. When I started getting tremors in my hands, I found creating artworks using software a great help in regaining some of the physical ability I now found challenging - as well as being incredibly therapeutic!
 I use multiple design programmes to produce my work and employ a broad range of techniques and styles to diversify my illustration portfolio.  My work is available through stock sites, though I also work with clients requiring bespoke design option and commissions.

P.S. "LadyLula" = 'Luladoodles' was a nickname my brother gave me growing up & my initials are L.A.D.- L.A.D. + Lula!!

Vector based graphics, design elements and hand drawn digital illustrations.